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GREAT Womenis a brand platform dedicated to the economic empowerment of women, specifically helping micro-women and indigenous producers in rural areas get their products to specialty global markets. It merges capacity development, inclusive business, and enterprise collaboration within an integrated supply chain. The acronym meansGender-ResponsiveEconomicActions for theTransformation ofWomen.GREAT Women look for gaps in the supply chains and harness public-private partnership to address these gaps in the circular eco-system. We develop farming and weaving communities, alongside the first sustainable micro-yarn facility to integrate the textile supply chain for a market-driven approach to promote sustainability and viability of their livelihood. We unlock tradition, critically studying traditional weaving practices, materials and cultural motifs to enhance design and methods for contemporary lifestyle relevance. We work with a financial mechanism to pool funds/guaranteed loans forworking capital, purchase of yarns, looms and finished textilesto promote continuous production and output and expand impact by giving more jobs to women farmers, weavers and micro-entrepreneurs then we position textiles, apparel in specialty markets.



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