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Green Axis is Waste Management and recycling enterprise that incentivizes citizens to engage in waste recycling while providing sufficient feedstock to the recycling industry.

Waste management, poor culture and knowledge of recycling among the people of developing countries like Nigeria have been an issue that the government is tackling due to the increase in rapid urbanization rural-urban migration. There are no well-established waste collection service and separation among Nigerian households. The recycling industry in Nigeria is at its infancy and fragmented with only 40% of waste is collected and 13% is recycled leaving the uncollected waste to end up in giant mountains of trash in almost every community or Landfills. The market is clearly unstructured and unreliable with scrap brokers and informal collectors operating the scavenging model and struggle to efficiently collect the large volumes of waste generated. Even the recycling companies in Nigeria, have been working below capacity because there are no sufficient supply of recyclables materials.

Green Axis is solving this gap/problem by engaging citizen in waste recycling with the use of data science technology. This is to encourage the rag pickers who roam the streets on a daily bases in search of recyclable waste and citizens who carelessly discard their waste at unauthorized locations. Our technology ensures that citizens are able to request for their waste to be collected from the comfort of their house and increases the efficiency of our field workers and rag picker who would be guided on a daily basis on locations to pick up waste and recyclable. We encourage households to recycle using points based system which awards them points for every quantity of materials they recycle with us, this point can be used to redeem gift such as household item. Alongside our data science technology, Green axis incorporates a door-to-door collection service using GIS route map and rickshaw that allows us to provide a timely convenient collection service for households that use our platforms. The collected recyclables waste is sold to industries for use as raw materials in their manufacturing chain. We are thus providing a cleaner environment for people to live in and tackling the waste crisis through a holistic model geared at collecting, recycling and providing materials for recycling industries.

Considering the present focus on plastic and iron waste by recyclers in our region, our model also integrates the collection of other categories of waste including: fabric, paper, food and agricultural waste. This is to ensure that we provide sustainable solutions to tackle inefficient waste management system in the region. Moreover, we are currently partnering with relevant industries to provide clean energy (eco-briquettes) for underserved communities from the organic waste we collect and also production of ceiling and wall boards from our paper, nylon and aluminum waste.

We also have a competent team that leverage on their previous experience to actualize our long term and short term goals

Our unique model creates value for multiple constituents, by revolutionizing the way people view trash but as a resource and keeping recyclables out of landfills, our service addresses the growing waste disposal problem while Increasing the rate of recyclable material supplies for Companies to put back into their manufacturing supply chain thereby reducing costs and creating a clear pricing edge among their competitors.



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