GREEN BANK-a climate bank model

About Solution

GREEN BANK could scale up the global problem:

  • Through Tree Plantation & Conservation
  • Reducing global warming
  • Climate changing positively
  • Following FMTI guide (World Bank guides)Through Ecological Knowledge based Business : Eco-tourism operating, Eco spot based calendar, album, Video.
  • Environmental Friendly Vegetables Cultivation:
  • Renewable Energy Businesses:
  • Waste processing.(such as plastic).

GREEN BANK: Could Spark off Future Waves :

Responsibility is now mandatory for government and for the people to take care environment. But most of the people are very busy for their livelihoods. So, if environmental works bring some earning then mass participation can increase. The GREEN BANK model has been developed from bottom and stakeholders participation have been ensured.

Primarily conducted some studies on business trends of timber and fruits, gardening, social values, policies, distribution channel of those businesses. Though ultimate final report we could not prepare because of lack of human resource, financial resources. The report could help us to prepare a draft FMTI.

Any way we emphasized in our business model on:

Peoples participation system.

Capacity building of community.

Projection on future employment& business expanding sector.

How GREEN BANK will work as corridor of economic and institutional power of participants.

Power& ownership decentralization.

Asset building mechanism.

How GREEN BANK can be one of the best practices company.

Most countries of the world including Bangladesh are signatory of different conventions and treaties related to environment. We kept keen eyes on those treaties & conventions to design the GREEN BANK model to ensure best practices in business.



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