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Following the drastic climate change conditions in the 21st century, most farmers in many rural communities of developing countries such as Cameroon have seen a large drop in the quantity of food supply due to their use of traditional farming techniques. Consequently, consumers have seen a large increase in prices and even the unavailability during some periods of the year of some high value vegetables such as tomatoes, green peppers and cucumbers. These farmers most of which live on less than 2$(1000FCFA) a day have experienced little economic growth and hence harsh living conditions. GREEN COMMUNITIES is a project executed by a social entrepreneurship venture to train and finance farmers in rural communities on innovative agricultural techniques and skills such as cheap, affordable and cost effective solar powered greenhouse agriculture and clean energy post harvest management . That is, providing a platform to vigorously train local community inhabitants on practical farms employing these innovative agricultural techniques that have proven to eliminate the vices of climate change on agriculture. Using this new innovation, we are able train the farmers on producing 5 times the average when carrying out traditional agriculture, increase the quality of their crop yields, eliminate other large costs such as excessive labor and spraying and most importantly increase the shelf life of these essential vegetables and crops by up to 3 times the average. This solution ensures that we not only secure sustainable food supply through efficient post management using clean energy, but also boost the local communities of developing countries to engage innovative agricultural methods hence boosting the food supply for our continuously increasing world population. Secondly with our efficient post-harvest management systems, it will provide room for people not to depend on canned vegetables and foods reducing some illnesses such as cancer which is devastating to global health. This way, not only do we practice innovative agricultural techniques, we involve the communities, fund micro enterprises carried out by the community inhabitants to ensure constant increase in quality food supply available to the global society. The funds given to the trainees will be gotten from a percentage of the proceeds of these practical farms. I would like to conclude by saying that GREEN COMMUNITIES  targets sustainable and healthy food supply in developing countries and consequently on a global stage and in addition to that eliminating a major effect of climate change on food supply.



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