Green Earth

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Green Earth will address the Challenge by metigating Global Warming and creating massive employment.

Green Earth will comprise four major departments, namely:

  • Affordable Energy Efficient Homes
  • Renewable Energy (Photovoltaic, Windmills, Micro Hydro and Solar Water Heating)
  • Waste Separation at source, collection, and Recycling.
  • Electric Transportation.

Affordable energy efficient homes will be created for clients and payments for these homes spread over a period. Renewable Energy Mini Electricity Grid will be established in rural areas. Electric Vehicles and Renewable energy charging stations will be created in these areas. Waste collection and Recycling systems will also be setup in these areas. Most of the employees for these projects will be locals, they will be trained to maintain the systems.

Farmers in rural areas are doing well, but many times bad roads and unavailable transport prevent their crops from reaching the market. This project will help farmers to transport their produce with electric vehicles, including electric boats.

Waste separation campaigns will be started in schools, rural areas, all media. Incentives will be paid for supplying separated waste for recycling.

Green Earth will liaise with governments to create rural, urban, and marine electric transport systems, with renewable energy charging stations at key locations.

The projects will be properly manage by experts, that will train locals.

Green Earth will reduce our carbon emissions, mitigating the negative effects we experiencing from Global Warming, and also create massive employments.

Thanking you in anticipation.



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