Green Food Revolution

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The Green Food Revolution was borne out of consideration of teaming population of able bodied mostly young graduates and non graduates having nothing to fall back on because of poor economy and bad leadership in our Country, Nigeria. But then there must be honest way out.

What does the society want and how can this be provided with the available resources it seeming to touch the end of the rainbow? Green Food Revolution was the picture. How can Green Food Revolution be better than other Green Revolution?

Other Green Revolutions were established with political undertones and are abandoned the moment the initiator leaves office. Here is a kind of Green Revolution that is non partisan, apolitical, non religious established as a foundation that will suffice even at the demise of the initiator.

Food security plan under green food revolution will adopts a food production continuum to accommodate all-round the year production, relay cropping, all in and all out stocking, buffer stocks and minimal overhead cost that kept pace with production for low income and middle class populace and ensure availability of food stuffs within affordable cost even at off season.

This will make the populace have:

Access to balance diets

Make production keep pace with increasing requirements.

Average per capita food intake remain satisfactory.

Provide jobs for teaming youths.

Curb Rural
Urban migration and reduce poverty related crimes.

The program is headed by the National Coordinator who coordinate the operations of the organization. There are three main departments under the National Coordinator. They are:

Operations/Production Department, Technical/Project Department and Administration/Business Development Department. Each of these departments are headed by Directors with managers directly under them.

The Organization's activities has touched and is touching lives across Nigeria through human capacity development and market network. Training and equipping talented youths on Agro entrepreneurship in an effort to crime and restiveness reduction occasioned by unemployment and hunger related challenges. Active youths participation and encouragement to help achieve sustainable, healthy and affordable food for all. Provide raw materials for revival of agro based industries. Well articulated and coordinated marketing strategy of members in tandem with other small holder farmers locally and internationally through the Export Processing Zones has greatly assisted in products supply and sustainability. Between now and 2025 we hope to provide corporate food supply chain model that will aggressively continue to vertically integrate our control from production which will harness our products to reach out and form agric food clusters to coordinate and dominate the structure of Agriculture and African food system.



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