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The challenge of making healthy food available and affordable for all is a global challenge. The second UN SDG centers around addressing this challenge to combat hunger, malnutrition and food – related illnesses.

Africa is destined to become the breadbasket of the world and for this to be realized, there needs to be a way to attract and engage citizens in the production of food in sustainable ways in and around their homes.

The greenhouse technology is unique in that, it can be set up anywhere and used for the production of several foods irrespective of the season and soils

GreenHouse Ventures is an agricultural company that breeds food plants using the innovative greenhouse technology. Over the years, the company has succeeded in standardizing the design of its technology to be adapted to 5 ecological zones in the country. The company has also standardized the cultivation of over 20 food types making it possible to assure results in quality and quantity by anyone and anywhere in the country.

Today, the company has become a household name ensuring the production of high quality foods target markets in and around the continent of Africa.

Our solution platform addresses the above challenge in multiple ways:

Firstly, we are making food more available. Greenhouse technology which we utilize ensures a bigger product harvest per plant and per square kilometer, and enables year round production of food; preventing gaps of food shortage. The most important is the fact that the technology is user friendly and requires minimal education to manage a greenhouse farm.

Secondly, the available food produced is healthy. Greenhouse technology is about controlling the environmental conditions around plants to ensure healthy breeding. Therefore healthy food production is achieved because the foods grown are free from pesticide infection, human and animal contamination, and ultraviolet light destruction.

Thirdly, our solution meets this challenge by the production of healthy food that is more affordable. Because greenhouse technology is relatively low – cost and very sustainable, the foods produced are also marketed at a cheaper rate. Furthermore, year round and abundant production take away the occurrence of scarcity which is what usually results in escalating prices of foods.

Our solution is also a pertinent model for ensuring food availability despite urbanization. The latter comes with decreased land available for food cultivation; but as greenhouse technology requires smaller land areas to produce a larger harvest, it ensures food production that remains unaffected by urbanization.



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