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Green Lab is an open innovation lab and ecosystem for individuals and organisations to design sustainable solutions to complex food, waste and new material challenges. Encouraging creativity, collaboration, experimentation and play; we incubate ideas that make a positive impact on our use of planetry resources to create more productive and resilient businesses that focus on reducing the impact on our climate and environment.

We have an established model (and labs) with a pipeline methodology to mentor, coach and nurture early stage startups and innovators that challenge coventional thinking; We have built four cross disciplinary labs that encourage creativity and collaboration and we are filling it with entrepreneurs and thinkers that want to build better systems.

We have been operating for four years in London and are seeking to grow and expand what we do into an international setting, bringing the concept, philosophy and capabilty to developing nations and areas that have a need for Green Lab; we bring benefit from a social, community and economic perspective.

The Initiative for Global Prosperity would help Green Lab grow and scale with significant impact into communities and cities that have citizens ready to develop new opportunities to the challenges we face with Climate Change.



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