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In my country pollution of the environment has become a concern especially by rampant plastic (PET). This has raised concern to us and we decided to come up with Green Limits company in order to solve the problem mentioned above. We shall collect all the plastic waste dumped around the environment and transformed them into new useful products. Plastic when thrown on the environment affect the effective functioning of the environmental circles, for instance, the water circle, when plastics are burnt the fumes are sent into the atmosphere that results in global warming, and this affects the water cycle. When plastics are dumped in a given place, they do not rot or decay and when it rains, they prevent the water from infiltrating into the soils which in turn results in infertile soil. To solve the above problem, we recycled all the waste found on the environment through a fair, friendly and resourceful environment. By recycling the waste, plastic bags, post-consumer bottles we will be keeping the environment green and clean which will make all the environmental circles(water, nitrogen, carbon, and phosphorus) to effectively function. Green limits company will provide employment to people either by working in production or in collecting bottles. We cannot hesitate to say that with Green limits company our environment will be reproductive and resourceful as the plastics that have negative effects on it are recycled.



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