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Air pollution in Iran's major cities, in addition to exacerbating climate change, has led to increased air inversion and, consequently, increased cardiovascular disease. In some metropolises, such as Tehran, there is less than 30 days of clean air per year. Government departments with multiple buildings, with more than 4 million employees are one of the centers of energy and water consumption and waste disposal and also dedicate high volumes of urban transport.

Green Management Model is designed by Iranian Society for Green Management (ISGM) on 2015 with purpose of reduction of carbon footprint of Iranian governmental departments to achievement of SDG 13 (Climate Action).

The purpose of design of this model is:

Improving and optimization energy consumption in government department buildings, as well as optimizing water resources consumption and reducing and managing waste in these buildings and also transportation management of governmental staffs. One of the important of the action in this program is training of staffs with purpose of culture building.


The government, its employees and the citizens in general will benefit from this project. Changes in the structure of operational and executive processes and the creation of management systems including continuous control, monitoring and auditing of energy, water and waste and transportation management In addition to changing the systematic behavior of employees in the use of resources, it creates a culture within the community.

The main problem is the excessive use of energy in installations, equipment and transportation and water resources and waste generation beyond the global average. The beneficiaries directly involved in this project are the staff and managers working in these buildings. First by establishing a management structure, with training and awareness, establishing a system through guidelines, procedures, checklists, and setting up an audit team from staff in these buildings and providing continuous control and periodic reporting to the Board of Directors regarding the improvements made.

In 2017, with the efforts of the Association, Green Management entered into the Sixth Iranian Development Plan Act (Article 38) and enforced it for all Iranian government departments. . In order to increase the motivation of the staff to participate in this program, all the sums due to the reduction of costs in the implementation of this system will be distributed among the employees as a reward.

To date, the project has resulted in a carbon reduction of 1.22 million metric tons.



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