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The company provides a complete service to farmers worldwide, consisting of an early warning tool and a biologically sustainable device for controlling specific insect pests which helps to reduce their costs while using natural pesticides, which have zero residue on food for the end customer.

The tool:The company is currently developing an early warning tool for farmers. This tool: eProtecta ( helps farmers to better schedule their agricultural methods and to improve their use of pesticides. It will be available in several languages. Eprotecta includes a voice messaging service, to enable illiterate and poorer farmers in emerging countries in Africa, Asia, South America and even in Europe to benefit from the technology.

The device:To lessen the impact of pesticides on both the environment and health we invented a new safe and environmental sensitive technology, which we call ‘attract and control technology’. This technology consists of a device containing a powder formulation which consists of a pest attractant and a biological killing agent (an isolate of an entomopathogenic fungus) specific to the target pest. The pest species, attracted by the pheromone, will pass through the device and pick up powder material, taking it with them as they leave the trap. The pest will then attract other individuals from the same population and transmit their inoculum which is attached to the integument. The fungus will sporulate within a few hours, thus killing the pest. This new innovative approach will provide a highly targeted and effective pest management tool, reducing the cost of application, increasing the crop yield with no impact on the environment, health of farmers and other end users. The novelty of our innovated product arises from the fact that we combine two pest control methods in one device. The device uses the pest itself to distribute the biological pesticide thereby reducing the need for monitoring and pesticide application. The device, powder formulation and technology will be patented.

The service:The Business model is focused on selling solutions for problems. The goal of Green Protecta is to provide one complete, innovative, easy to use and efficient solution to farmers, improving crop protection and maximising yields, while protecting the environment, human health and use of resources. The holistic solution includes:

  • the trap device,
  • the powder formulation,
  • the knowhow,
  • a modern tool to increase production and
  • training.

The worldwide implementation of this service will have a huge social and environmental impact.



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