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GVC is solving the problem of underproductivity among subsistence farmers caused by numerous factors ranging from Changing climates, saturated and biased local markets, poor access to finance and Up to date farming practices to boost production, Increasing Technological divide rate among different regions and communities, Lack of involvement with trained Agro professionals and finally, deprivation or left out of smallholders´ farmers by National Agricultural research institutes (governmental support). This occurring problem is leading to; a massive increase of rural urban migration, huge reduction of the current farming population, decrease in rural community development, increase rate of youth lead delinquency, increase food insecurity, hunger and poverty.Mission possible is developing its service to satisfy various customer needs which includes:

  • Their need to access modern agricultural techniques which are designed to maximize production, increase food quality to meet market standards, use very few available resources and farm inputs, and finally increase efficiency in farm management by up to 95%.
  • To access affordable highly advanced Agro techs designed to put them 10 steps ahead of unpredictable or unforeseen events that chiefly affects productivity like changing Climatic trend, Pest density and movements, fertility levels of farm soils, nutrient requirements of crops, crop adaptability, poor seed health, soil salinity, and health and finally crop health.
  • To access Value-added product programs designed to create platforms for innovation and the formation of micro-businesses thereby satisfying the need to explore an entrepreneurial trend among them.
  • To Amplify their accessibility to micro-finance which will increase their capital needed to boost production in most farms.
  • Their need to Connect with Ag professionals both national and international and research institutes in which through mentorship programs and short workshops will help them overcome many challenges. They strongly believe this group of persons or organizations are equipped to be their direct supporters and Mission Possible is satisfying this need loop.
  • the need to obtain on-field data from various production systems monitoring different farm conditions for research purposes and policy formulation.
  • Their need to gain greater market exposure and prolong the durability of most products in the transportation periods from farms to target markets.



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