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Green Wealthexists to solve the problem of waste Management in Cameroon byrecycling, reusing, reducing waste such as plastic bottles, plastic containers , old tyres, used women hair extension pvc plastic, waste papers, empty aluminum drinking cans into bags, chairs, baskets, flower vases , wall decor items, gift boxes, and other items used widely across Cameroon and the world at large. These items are sold to generate income.Our solution addresses this challenge in this sense that those plastics which usually end up in the oceans which In turn harm animals are being recycled by us. There by, preserving life in water. More so, we help to prevent climate change because if those plastics are not recycled they end up in the land fills which is one of the major cause of climate change.Recycling plastic conserves natural resources, minimises global warming, serves energy, reduces green house gas emissions and keeps landfill space free for other things which can hardly be recycled. . What makes us different from other people in our country trying to solve this problem is that our products are diversified. We specialise in making many things there by creating a greater impact. We collect tons of plastics per month from our localities.We have a way of transforming plastic bottles and containers into strips which we later use in weaving baskets, trash bins, bags, mats etc. In fact, all our products are environmental friendly. More to that, we convert old tires in to chairs which are been used in homes. We have partnered with hair dressing saloons which supply us with empty pvc plastic which women hair extensions usually come in. We use them to make bags and purses. We equally train other people on the things we make and the effects of plastic pollution.Those people will train others too there by creating a very great impact. Many youths and women have equally gained employment



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