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The agricultural sector of Ghana is characterized by numerous problems and inefficiencies which affect crop yield, productivity and the overall food supply of the country. Some of these problems include, unstructured, undefined and uninformed markets, limited use of inputs due to lack of access and affordability, lack of credit support for smallholder farmers and lack of refined agronomy skills and training and lack of connectivity of the value chain among many others.

Agrisolve’s solution is an e-agricultural technological platform that integrates the agricultural value chain actions and actors by using information and connectivity to optimize the supply and demand for agricultural commodities, inputs, credits viability and training on good agronomy practices that bring improvement in livelihoods. The solution features include;

An E-market to buy and sell harvested produce online. The idea is to connect rural farmers to urban markets

An E-Wallet to encourage farmers to save their revenue from sales as well as an inbuilt credit scoring system to help farmers access loans

E-Market Price & Weather Info

-Agronomy Training

Benefits of GreenConnect to the Society

At Agrisolve, we are passionate about improving the Agricultural Sector and helping farmers obtain efficiency, improved productivity and profitability The GreenConnect platform contributes immensely to this vision in the following ways.

  • Increasing productivity of farmer through the provision of improved inputs and mechanized services
  • Guaranteeing markets for agricultural produces
  • Improving financial inclusion by facilitating installment payment for impending inputs needs of upcoming farming season and unforeseen circumstances and use scores to attain petty loans.
  • Facilitating input credits for individual smallholder farmers and Farmer Based Organizations (FBO’s)
  • Furnishing field officers and farmers with information on good agricultural, market and business practices as well as other relevant information in the form of weather updates and general market prices of commodities
  • Improving on increase in agriculture contribution to economic growth and also food security



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