Greenhouse Sensing and Automation Technology

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Our solution directly addresses the challenge of Sustainable and Healthy Food for All. The way food production is in its current state is unsustainable. The population is growing at a rapid pace and food production isn't. Along with that many communities in the United States and across the world live in what is known as a "Food Desert". Simply put, a food desert is an area that has limited access to fresh foods. One solution that has been proposed to combat this problem of fresh food access & sustainability is through the use of technology & indoor farming (i.e. greenhouses and vertical farms). Indoor farming allows food production year round and it ignores variations in climate. These processes have been around for some years now however maintaining one takes a lot of time, labor, and effort. Our monitoring, sensing, and automation technology aims to alleviate the burden that regular greenhouse maintenance would take. For instance imaginea world where farming doesn’t mean braving the February cold at 6 am to monitor the temperatureof each of your 12 greenhouses, but rather, turning on your TV, warm coffee (or tea) in hand, and having an immediateoverview of every greenhouse from every angle. In front of you is the temperature, humidity, air pressure, UV exposure, and more of every greenhouse. In fact, not only is the greenhouse atmosphere monitoredbut the imagine every plant has a stream of data coming from it. Need to turn the fans on, or adjust the lighting? No problem, remote access from your phone makes it a two-minute process, not a two-hour process. Saving time on this process would make greenhouses more efficient and it would encourage the growth of them throughout the world which in turn would help everyone get better access to healthy food.



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