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We want to inspire people to choose healthier greener, more compassionate lifestyle through plant based eating and to provide customer with quality, nutritional, tasty and healthy meat made of plants.


It is a story of changing mind set where animals are saved, environment is benefitted and people are healthy with our vegan meat. We envision a society where everyone is responsible for the planet and themselves.

According to survey 26% increase of cancer risk, heart disease is increased by 21%, 50% in cholesterol in 2018 from consumption of animals meat. Moreover 51% of global greenhouse emission driven from livestock rearing and processing and just to raise a cow and ox 1 acre of land are used for their food cultivation which is wasted where as poverty rate of world is increasing rapidly. Every year 66 billion of land animals are slaughtered to provide the food which customer desire to eat. While doing market validation we found people love to eat meat as it is their old habit of eating, they love the taste, texture and its mind set of the people that the source of nutritional is only from meat. Now they try to avoid eating meat due to religion, ethical, environmental and most important is diseases that we get from consumption of meat. But they fail even if they feel guilt and all. The problem we found is that NO CHOICE OR ALTERNATIVE that can satisfy their habited to eat meat.The Greenic Foodis for those who want to be and those who are vegetarian. While doing a servile survey people don’t eat as they dislike the taste of meat but due to cultural, religion and health related issue. Especially for vegetarian and those who want to be vegetarian is a new choice of meal for that which have low fat and more nutritional value.Greenic Food is the production of plant based product made from vegetables grown from carbon negative country (Bhutan) without any chemical or preservatives that will taste, look and have nutritional values as of meat. Healthy features of our product are contain rich in protein, provide rich dietary fiber, good source of calcium, excellent food for diabetic, help to reduce cholesterol level, good for pregnant lady and growing child, healthy alternative for non vegetarian, reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, help in preventing heart disease.



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