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Growing up in a Caribbean home, one of the must learn female duties is cooking. Meal preparation and cooking times can be long. My greatest struggle was and still is peeling some of the starches that are incorporated in meals. Regions such as South America, Caribbean, Africa and some parts of Asia, have produced staples that form parts of people’s diets. These are, but not limited to, green bananas (these are not green ripe bananas), green plantains, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, breadfruit and sugar cane. These have thick outer layers which make it hard to peel during food preparation. Peeling these items can be time-consuming and harmful if you have not mastered the difficult techniques. 

An analysis of Youtube videos and comments made me realise that this dilemma is not only a concern for my friends and I but a challenge to many others around the world. For instance, today there are over 31 "how to peel green bananas/plantains" Youtube videos with the most recent video posted 6 months ago. These have accumulated over 176,000 views. One person even remarked that in this present era they thought somebody would have invented a solution by now. Well, I am on a mission to do so. Therefore, my aim is to improve efficiency and comfort in food preparation with affordable tools for those who prepare and cook food, ranging from women providing for families to food truck operators and even professional chefs. I provide kitchen solutions. 

It would be simple to say we could offer these items unpeeled and sold in supermarkets but the culture of societies such as those in the Commonwealth and South America where these foods are mainly grown place high importance on one's ability to cook. It is also more cost-effective to buy or grow products and prepare. 



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