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The magnitude services of road transportation increase the number of mobility cars which increase the traffic jam, air pollution, and carbon emission. In 2016 greenhouse gas emission from transportation was about 25gt and expected to increase by 400% by 2050. The inefficient use of vehicles around the world which projected to reach the two billion by 2040 has an obvious negative impact on economic, environment, health, and social sectors. Transportation is the primary factor of climate changes. More than a quarter of totally energy use is allocated to the transportation sector; causing 22% of global energy endues related CO2 emission.

The problems that we are trying to tackle is relevant to the congestion created by university students, government and corporate employees, where:

1. They are suffering from traffic jams while heading to their jobs and even more they are wasting time to find a parking slot.

2. They contribute to cause more carbon emissions by using their own cars to go to their workplaces (mostly one car is occupied by one person)

3. Congestion would negatively impact the employees’ productivity and health as well.

The solution is by enablingpeoplewithprivatecarsto share their drive with others travelingthesameroute on very short notice; ridesharing will decrease the number of vehicle and present enormous potential of positive societal impact with respect to pollution, congestion, and energy consumption. Our application is a semi decentralized real-time ridesharing mobile application built on blockchain that utilizes the already existence transport infrastructure by allowing people to commute their routing journeys while being rewarded as form of incentive for their carbon emission reduction.



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