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Ethiopia has the second largest population in Africa with 106,000,000 people and with a growth rate of 3.02% per year. If Ethiopia follows its current rate of growth, its population will double in the next 25 years, From the current Ethiopian population, 70% are the youth and out of these youth, 70% are unemployed. Ethiopia is urbanizing faster than ever; this means the demand for food is increasing substantially while farmlands are being used to build cites. As Ethiopia is a late adopter in new Effective and ground-breaking farming technologies: it puts a strain on the whole agriculture sector and has a repercussion on the market. As a result, these products are not effectively produced which makes their yield lower, and other parameters are compromised like the quality of fresh produce and food safety. With population and income growth, land and water resources become more and more scarce and the fight to grow more with less is real. In order to address the above problems, we design and manufacture hydroponic farming technology, which is a vertical shelf structure that grows shallow root agricultural products using only water and added nutrients, without the need for planting in soil. Nutrient and water delivery is automated with a timer setting for pumping through pipes within the vertical structure if one needs to increase efficiency. Our hydroponic systems are customized to the users’ needs, and tailored for different types of products, as well as modular and easy to use.

Our hydroponic farming enables a 400% yield increase over traditional farming, as well as year-round cultivation, 60% less water consumption, up to half the time to harvest, 80% labor-saving with no land preparation and no weeding, and pesticide-free and water pollutant-free production. To address the unemployment challenge we have a unique business model to work with development partners and financers those who work on empowering women, youth, disabled, refugees and the like by that as a company we can sell in bulk and help create the next farmers of the continent. We call it innovation-led job creation!!! "we are young ambitious and ready to transform our Africa!"



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