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How to grow food when the climate is changing, when resources are scarce and when we live in remote areas?

But first, let me tell you the story of Agricooland our their solution can make it possible.

Guillaume & Gonzague, grew up on farms, eating the best fruits and vegetables. When they start working in the city, in this case Paris, the quality of fruits and vegetables was not there. This is because fruits & vegetables travelled from far, way too far. They then decided to changed things to find back the quality of fruits and vegetables our grandparents once ate. They came up with an idea to grow locally in cities. The Cooltainer idea was born. What they didn’t know is that their project will outgrow their own ambition and enable to grow more than in cities.

3 years after, Agricool, our French start-up counts more the 70 persons gathered around ONE mission: to grow excellent fruits and vegetable without pesticides and affordable to all.

To do so, we designed a solution that not only enable to grow 120 time more yield per square meter than traditional farming, but it uses 90% less water and fertilizers and only use renewable energy. So, how can this Cooltainer solve these initial questions?

Today, climate change is already affecting millions of people around the globe, and its effect might intensify as temperatures continue to rise. Our solution is not affected by climate. How? We grow in a controlled environment built inside a recycled shipping container. Within our Cooltainer, we design a system that will recreate the perfect season for our plants all year round. Our Cooltainer in Dubai
UAE, is the proof that even under the beating sun of the Gulf summer we successfully grew strawberries. Even sandstorms didn’t affect our strawberries.

In the design of the Cooltainer, because we intended to grow in cities and pilot the installation remotely we needed to be as self-sustain as possible. Therefore, we manage to use as little resources as possible. Using a fully automated irrigation system, with an ingenious close loop system and aeroponic methods we save up to 90% of water and fertilizers compare to traditional farming. Because the environment is protected we do not need pesticides, saving money, but most of all making the produce healthier. These advantages will be greatly useful in remote area where resources are scarce.

Our Cooltainer requires energy to operates, but we make a point of honour to use 100% renewable energy. And this can easily be covered by a mobile, integrated solar panel solutions.

Because remote regions are hard to reach, infrastructures are often limited, rendering those areas more isolated, limiting their development and in communication with outside. To bring our solution to a remote location everything that is needed is a road accessible by truck. No need for any other infrastructure. Our Cooltainer work autonomously and can be monitor and piloted remotely, making the job of the Cooltivator easy and only to focus on harvest and plantations insuring the best yield year-round. This as for other advantage to overcome the need for storage, as food can be produce any time.

Our solution initial design, to fit in hyper dense urban environment, is totally applicable in remote and isolated rural areas, and be deployed in every villages. So, people will have a guaranteed year-round fresh food production, that is cost efficient due to its high yield, needing little resources, producing healthy food and resisting to any climate. This is the solution that Agricool offers today. And we are very happy to share our innovation through the Global Prosperity Challenges and are honoured to be among so many benevolent and humanitarian projects.



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