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GrowBox offers a hassle
free veggie garden setup that can be used at schools, faith based institutions, community centres and even for domestic use. The simplicity of our boxes is that it can be used within limited spaces and even be used on balconies, patios and roof tops where spaces are limited. The boxes are elevated from the ground therefore making it easy and convenient for kids, elderly and even wheel chair bound beneficiaries to use.

What sets our solution apart is that it was developed with the urban user in mind. Especially within the South African context where underprivileged households live in cramped, compacted squatter camps and have no or little access to land or free spaces available to them around their homes. These residents are dependent on government social grants but even with the aid its far too little to feed an entire family for a whole month. An alternative nutritious food source was necessary and therefore we undertook to bring organic food sources to households that needs it the most.

Our growboxes are the mediums in which the gardens are grown but without the necessary skills the beneficiaries would not be able to sustain their food gardens. Its for this reason that GrowBox Nursery had developed 3 impact streams. 1
The wholesale nursery
that grows vegetable and herb seedlings wholesale. 2.The food gardening workshops
we teach sustainable food gardening in our programmes to underprivileged community members, schools and early childhood development centres ( this includes soil nutrition, seed catching, composting, organic pesticides and water wise gardening
to mention a few) 3. We manufacture the wooden veggie boxes (growboxes) that with the help of sponsors we distribute to the beneficiaries as a starter kit ( with grow medium, seedlings and gardening tools) once they have completed their training.

Its our mission to take food security and food sovereignty to the masses that needs it the most and therefore sustainability, nutrition and community upliftment is at the core of our social impact model.



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