Growing Spirulina in Urban Environments

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Spirulina platensis is the one super food that covers the whole spectrum of nutrients Humans need to survive in any climate, location, and condition on earth. Spirulina is biologically attributed to cyanobacteria, one of the oldest forms of life. It is one of the world’s most popular microalgae and was named “the most ideal food for mankind” by the UN in 1974. All this while being able to bin 1.8 tonnes of Co2 per 1 tonne of Spirulina.

The goal is to bring spirulina farming into global megacities which suffer from high levels of CO2 and pollution and also have issues with hunger. These have been imagined in cities like Hong-Kong, Bhiwadi, Delhi, Lagos Rio-de Janeiro.

The quantities of CO2 which would be extracted from the earths polluted air, converted into fresh oxygen would increase exponentially the more spirulina is farmed. This would come hand in hand with the production of a wholesome, nutritious super-food regardless of an individual’s economic status, as it is easy and cheap to grow, making it readily available for all.

Another benefit of having spirulina farm modules on building roofs, windows and back gardens, is that it will lower the carbon footprint and industrially sourced consumption of individuals and masses.

The idea is to develop a prototype, or a series of prototypes which can be adapted to different situations of need. Each of these modules works on its own but can also be installed as a series of them to work simoultaneously. This allows the modules to be affordable from the individual to the mass, depending on the available money and space available.

The team is comprised of university R&D students, an Architect and a business strategy consultant. We aim to combine aesthetics and efficiency to provide a technology module which will maximise Spirulina’s usage and potential while providing a new and intriguing aesthetic to buildings other growing modular structures.



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