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In rural areas of Pakistan there is a huge shortfall of electricity, hence of grid solutions are most suitable, the most clean and renewable source of off grid electricity generation is via micro hydro turbines, but the challange is that most micro hydro turbine require a high head(height from which the water falls on to turbine) typically about 10 meters, this makes them suitable for mountaineer areas but these traditional turbines can not be installed on planner areas,  given Pakistan's landscape it has world's largest irrigation canal network, we decided to us this abundant resource by designing a new low head turbine that can operate at irrigation canals which typical have a head of 1 meter, we designed Pakistan's first Gravitational water vortex turbine which can operate at heads as low as 0.3 meters, making it the only turbine to generate energy from relatively planner areas, but that's not the only advantage, the Gravitational water vortex turbine works as a natural aerator hence the water coming out of the turbine has more oxygen content which helps in irrigation and also improves the marine life, another great feature of the turbine is unlike other turbines the debris and fish can pass through without hurting or damaging the turbine, its also Eco friendly and cost almost 1/3 of the cost of other turbines since its structure is made on sight rather than in a factory which saves on building and shipping cost, the turbine has the ability to be installed in cascading manner and does not obstruct the flow of water , basic working principal of the turbine is similar to a whirlpool effect created when you flush the toiled, the effect is caused by the rotation of earth and gravitational pull, with sustained flow a turbine blade is mounted in the middle of vortex to generate electricity. 

our pilot plant is near completion at a sight in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan and is funded by a government body called "Pakistan science foundation" .
the turbine has a huge potential as a run of the river and can be installed on any water stream or fall that has a head of only 0.3 meters.
our team includes PhD researchers and business developers along with a support from our Alma matter.



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