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Fermentation has been done for thousands of years and is done in cultures all across the world. It has allowed humans to store food for longer, transportable, more digestible, and even make inedible foods safe for consumption. However in modern times fermentation has largely been lost in many cultures following the rise of refrigeration and cooling and heat treatments of foods to extend their shelf lives during long food supply transportation chains.

We want to make fermentation easy with our connected fermentation chamber that lets people ferment foods consistently and easily by providing temperature controls, humidity control and machine learning. Today roughly one fourth of all foods in the world are fermented, it includes everything from bread, beer, wine, vinegar, yogurts, cheese, soy sauces, chocolate and more.

By creating a device that lets people ferment locally people can consume nutritious living foods, reduce food waste through fermenting foods, fermenting food waste and reducing packaging waste by fermenting locally in larger batches.



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