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We see that Textile and Plastic wastes are too much for this. For thus we made our project. We made our first shoes out of old jeans. Now we are trying to recycle all the shoes from old jeans and recycled PVC as raw materials. We are planning to use plastic bottles to make the sole in the future. Because in the world, plastic production is many times more than recycling. We must work hard to establish a beautiful future without waste in the world. We named Hamsa for thus our project. To help the future. We plan to make the sole from plastic waste and promote our brand. First of all, we aim to buy recycled plastics from a company that will provide us with hygienic and long-term use of plastics. Second, we want to do our first social projects to promote our brand: for example, giving shoes to a certain number of immigrants as gifts. In this way, we will benefit both people and promotion. We will use the 3D scanner and AR in our brand. Thanks to these technologies, we will be able to supply the most suitable shoes for our customers easily. We plan to build our market mostly in the countries of Europe and North America. There are a total of 1.1 billion people in Europe and North America. Per capita income in these developed countries is higher than in other continents. We're planning 35 USD for every shoe (we haven't hit these markets yet), which is almost twice as cheap as competitors. First, we place it on the Scout Shop online shopping website and then on Amazon and other shopping sites. This allows any potential customer to access our Products easily. We tried to get information from a few of the environmental institutions in Europe (in Germany) by asking about it and learned that it attracted people's attention and would be in demand.



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