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Agriculture is a vital sector for many households of disabled people living in poverty in DR Congo, but it is one where disabled people face some of the greatest exclusion.

In many countries, disabled farmers have been using technology to enable them to carry out different farming-related activities for many years, and many activities have been implemented to change the beliefs that people with impairments are often assumed to be physically or mentally unable to undertake farming activities. Unfortunately, in DR Congo where over 10 million people are estimated to live with a disability, and where the majority of people rely on agriculture for a living, no measures have been taken to ensure the equal participation of people with disabilities and to respond to their needs in the agricultural projects.

Handi-CulteursProject is ensuring food security for 125.250 households of disabled people through increased agricultural production and improve their entrepreneurial capabilities for the establishment of on-farm and off-farm enterprises for increased incomes, and increase awareness and participation by persons with disabilities.



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