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Global protein demand is expected to double over the coming decades.Existing protein sources are reaching their limitations: Animal based protein is harmful to the environment and pland based protein requires heavy processing and as healthy as we need it to be.

Grasshoppers are nature's most efficient protein source, they provide:1. Superior nutrient content
with over 70% protein and all essential amino acids.2. Sustainable to grow
X20 times more efficient than beef, reducing GHG emissions by 98.8&, water consumption by X1,000 times and arable land usage by X1,500 times.3. Neutral taste and flavor making grasshoppers the perfect ingredient for food producers.4. Health benefits
From supporting growth of children though improving metabolism (reducing sugar and cholesterol levels and preventing diabetes) to reducing body fat.5. Only Kosher and Halal insect.6. Existing high demand
The most widely eaten insect globally among 2.5 billion people consuming insects today.

Hargol's innovative technology and methods enable growing grasshoppers on commercial scale:1. Climate controlled environment to grow grasshoppers year-round efficiently at a high and constant quality.2. Accelerated eggs incubation
Hatching within 2 weeks compare to 40 weeks in the wild, Increasing number of life-cycles from 1 to 10 per year.3. Innovative cage infrastructure for vertical farming
Increasing production by X10 times per square meter.

Hargol operate farms in Northern Israel having 20% of its workforce persons with disabilities.The company also collaborate in joint venture with Palestinian and Jordanian farmers to establish local grasshopper farms.

Hargol develop a smallholder grasshopper cage for African farmers to increase their income while improving their families diet. this project is financed the Israel's Innovation Authority.



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