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Energy is the today’s need. It is the running blood of the development and economy. From every Least Developed Countries’ to developed countries the energy is the utmost requirement. The growth of the consumption of energy is increasing day by day. At present the growth of crypto currency is almost doubling the world energy demand.

We are highly dependent upon the energy from fossil fuels. Black energy occupies more than 80% of total energy consumption till today. No doubt, fossil fuels are the hazards to human beings. The carbon di oxide and other green-house gases are affecting directly and indirectly to human and environment. There are many health problems from these gases. Furthermore, they slowly increase the global temperature. Fossil fuel on which we depend for energy is limited. If our consumption goes on at the increasing rate in future we will become out of energy.

Therefore, there seems an utmost requirement of alternative source of energy. The energy that can run our economy. The energy that is safe and sound to environment and the living beings. The energy that helps to sustainable development.

Our invention harnesses the mass energy from sun that is freely available. It converts more than 100% of heat energy from sun to electrical that had never been possible. It can convert mass available geo-thermal energy to electricity. It can convert other renewable and even non-renewable energy to electrical energy. Our invention converts low temperature heat energy to electrical energy. This provides us the advantage of low temperature heat storage possibility. There are a lot of chemicals, hydration of salts and other low cost and easy methods of low temperature heat storage that we can convert to electrical energy. We can harness the heat energy lying in the vast seas and oceans even during winter.

Solar, geo-thermal, heat lying in vast oceans etc., are all the sources of clean energy. They can supply energy to us for millenniums. So I think that the search of new source of energy in gone. The low cost and easy storage technology for storage of energy has become the reality to run our economy and lives. Now we can even transport the energy from sun, oceans, etc., from one place to other with an ease. The problem of energy crises is no more. The search of clean energy has obtained a valuable outcome that can help lives for thousands of years in earth!

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What is our invention?

 Our invention is a thermal plant.

 It converts thermal energy or heat energy to mechanical or electrical energy.

 It is generally a closed system but can sometimes be open system.

 It uses evaporation or sublimation and/or condensation.

 It uses buoyancy force that increases the efficiency of the plant.

 The lower temperature heat energy is converted to electrical energy whereas high temperature heat energy is also possible.

 The lower temperature heat storage mechanism is possible as a storage for generation of electricity from our plant.

 Changing the fluid inside the electrical energy can be produced even when the atmospheric temperature is less than zero.

 It works in any temperature where there is temperature difference of 5 Degree or more.

What our invention has solved?

 Our invention can solve most of the above problems or deficiencies.

 Efficiency: In our thermal plant, heat energy can be converted to electrical energy to more than 100% which had never been possible.

 Low temperature heat energy to electricity: with our plant low temperature heat energy like from solar, geo-thermal etc are possible.

 Storage: As our thermal plant can convert low temperature heat to electricity, low temperature heat storage mechanisms are possible. like salt hydrates, latent heat of vaporization of salts, PCMs, chemical storage, or hot water storage.

 Cost: Unlike other systems and mechanims of electricity genertion our plant can generate electricity at very low costs. Say around $ 0.4 Million per MW. And with storage of Megawatt Day it costs approximately around $ 0.6 Mill. The storage costs can be reduced to as low as $10 per KWhr which is $200 per KWhr till date.

 Transmission: Sun is available in most of the areas. So, population targeted generation can be done to reduce the transmission costs. City are the areas where there is high consumption so generation of electricity around the city areas can reduce transmission cost.

 Increase the share of clean energy: Solar thermal, geo-thermal, ocean-thermal etc are the sources of clean energy. These are vast sources that can supply energy to us for thousands of years. They are more than enough to fulfill our energy demand.

 Rising Temperature: Black energy is highly responsible for increasing temperature. Carbon-di-oxide and other green house gasses are the components that increase the temperature on earth. With our plant we can replace black energy and finally reduce the rise in temperature.

 Energy crisis: As we can exploit and store the vast energy for our use, there is no more energy crisis for us for thousands of years ahead.

 Exploit unused renewable sources: Most of the renewable sources of thermal energy like solar thermal, geo-thermal, ocean-thermal are of low temperature. Our invention has made possible to bring these energy into use converting them to electrical energy and with more than 100% efficiency.

We are grateful to the organizer for allowing us to take part in the event and put our solutions to the world.



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