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More than 130,000 informal grocery stores called retail shops in Ugandan townships, represent 46% of the food distribution and attract 77% of the shoppers in Uganda. They are often highly inefficient and offer a poor shopping experience: limited range of products, frequent-out-of-stock products, occasionally expired products, high prices, etc. This situation can be explained by the lack of working capital and business skills among the spaza shop owners and by the fact that informal markets are still under served, making it difficult for stores access stock and receive deliveries. The informal markets represent an interesting growth opportunity for FMCG brands, but are difficult and costly to address today.

To address the challenge, targeting40,000 of the largest informal grocery stores in Uganda, 200 of the largest general wholesalers distributing FMCGs in Uganda, and 200 regional, national/international FMCG brands present in Uganda, Havit is a mobile application that enables informal grocery stores in townships and rural areas to compare prices at wholesalers in their area, order and pay all their stock directly from their phone and get their order delivered within a few hours.

Havit is also a marketing tool for FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies and wholesalers. They can increase their visibility on the app, organize online/offline marketing operations and access live and localized market data collected on Havit. The data collected on Havit is used to improve the distribution of social products including solar lights, clean cook stoves, water filters, etc.

Intending to be the largest catalog on the market as we aggregate wholesalers’ catalogs along with uberised logistics, our Havit App enables retail shop owners to order for all of their stock from their phone without having to leave their store anymore.

Retail shops can get the cheapest price on the market as the HaveitApp allows to compare prices from all wholesaler catalogs.



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