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Farming and Agribusiness is a major employer of labor in Africa, however most farming decision and activities among small holders farmers and recently youth in Agricbusiness are done without access to historical data and market trend for analysis and strategy formulation. This is so because these data are not readily available and accessible to low and middle income investors.

The creation of a dedicated website for agric-commodity price information will allow farmers and potential investors especially youth in Africa interested in venturing to modern farming activities have access to market trends on different agric produce to aid their decision for future crops to cultivate and grow as well as prepare for the management of their farm and expected revenue by being able to forecast and project based on historical data and experience.

The platform will make it easy for urban dweller interested in investing in farming to have easy access to crops market trends and determine what crops is in demands, also have access to seasonal fluctuation and its impact.

The channel for accessing this platform will be the internet website while farmers and other users with inability to access internet for market information will be able to request for market information via SMS/USSD channel. The platform also allow farmers to send request to market their produce for free on the agric-commodity platform.

We are leveraging on farmers cooperative and other agric extension services to source for price and other market information from smallholder farmers as well as leverage on these platform to connect farmers to buyers of their farm produce.

The platform have consistently provide market trends for 5 cash crops and produce monthly market trends report as well as quarterly report.

Ultimately, the gathering and analyzing of market data and provision of forecast data to farmers enable existing farmers and prospective investor bridge the demand and supply gap on various Agric. produce in the country. The automation of access to crude data from smallholder farmers will encourage literate youth that are tech savvy pick interest in farming, thereby increase crop production in Africa.



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