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1-the card is not only saves your medical history  it also save a lot of time for you .you don't need to carry your medical history with you and you don't need to take another appointment from the doctor how tells you that he need to cheack your information because when you use the card to make a reservation you also send the essential information for your doctor so he could have an idea about what do you had in the time when you meet him 

2- every one sees you medical information you could know him because the only one who could sees the information in the card you and your doctor or nurse .if a doctor or nurse want to see your history he should use the number in his licence( that allowed him to practice his job) so now you could also know every one taked care of you and opening the way for police to know if anyone try to harm you be accident or not 

3-it also helps you if you lost your ID or passport in foreign country using your fingerprint and your password you could enter to your account and have a copy from you basic information from your application that you had in the first 

4-for every use (every time you enter to your medical history or to reservate)  we take 1 doller from your account and this money half of it goes to those people who uses the card and don't have enough money for professional medical care or to  support charity organization all over the world 



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