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Health initiative Afrika, we aim to solve health challenges through education,technology and innovation.We have three department work together to ensure good health and well being in Tanzania and Africa.

Health projects: we organize health projects to youth and children in volunable population ,here we include trainings on Prevention of diseases and Medical camps where we provide free medical check up and treatments.

The Health Platform: we bring different social entrepreneurs in health sector together with health experts, to discuss different ways to solve challenges surrounding our communities.

Health Innovation: we build and develop health innovations that solve health challenges surrounding our communities.

The following are successful projects done by us in different areas in Tanzania:

Medical camps, we have managed to organize medical camps to youth and children in Kigoma village where there is a refugees camp. we provided medical care including check up and treatment for free.

School out reach: For just one year we have managed to organize Trainings to 4 different schools and reach 2000 students in rural areas. We aim to empower them on prevention of diseases and personal care.

AfyaSMS: We have also managed to introduce software platform that deliver health information based on prevention of diseases to youth direct to mobile phones via SMS text using USSD technology.Now we have 1000 subscribers to our platform receiving our services.

We Health Initiative Afrika,we believe to have good health is a human right .And to ensure development in any country people should have good health. Peace and justice can be result of good health for development.

We reduce health risk among displaced population by expanding access to health care and improved life style through Medical camp, where we provide trainings and medical care including medical check up and treatments.

Also we reduce barriers to education and skills training for displaced youth through AfyaSMS, software that deliver health information on prevention of diseases and personal care to youth direct to mobile phones through SMS texts via USSD technology.

We believe good health is for development ,To ensure Peace and Justice people should live free from diseases to engage in production for development.



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