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Ensuring access to safe drinking water remains a global issue today, as 29% of the world’s population live in locations without a reliable access to safe drinking water, and 2.6 million people (mostly children) die every year from water-related diseases.

To solve these issues, 2 different approaches co-exist:

Implement means to bring water to locations without any water source,

Turn non-drinkable water into drinkable water locally where the need is.

This is to solve the problem of the lack of safe drinking water for locations with a non-drinkable water source that MARINE TECH created HELIO: a sustainable solution that can work for both in-land remote areas and coastal area. HELIO produces no greenhouse gases emission and no plastic wastes, in comparison to existing solution using plastics bottles, or conventional solution using fossil fuel, producing no wastes or C02 emissions. Indeed, its carbon footprint is very small : every 50m3 drinking water produced, HELIO saves 12,4 tons of CO2 emission in comparison with conventional solution (reverse osmosis).

In addition, existing solution of seawater desalination (reverse osmosis, etc.) and water treatment are costly, that prevents them from becoming a universal alternative, feasible in any location, regardless of their means (low financial or logistics means) and sustainable in matter of reliability, human health and eco-friendly.

HELIO is a key to support health, quality of life and economic development, by supplying safe drinking water to population who lack it and with no impact on environment, using existing resource in water, part of the circular economy avoiding pollution and negative consequences on the climate.

HELIO is self-sufficient to operate anywhere (not dependent on any external energy source), rugged and lasting (to guarantee constant water production over time), cost-effective (to be accessible to any communities, regardless of their means), easy to set-up and upgrade (to evolve over time as the need for water increases).

This is why MARINE TECH created HELIO, the first off-grid and 100% self-sustained solution producing drinking water from any kind of water unfit for human consumption, using solar energy only, that can be installed everywhere those conditions are met.



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