Hessa (Peer-to-Peer for Technology and Education)

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P2P came as a result to solve two problems recognized by the founders and identified as a need by the communities; since launching and until this moment, the solution offered by Hessa proved itself to be perfectly responding to those problems.

The first problem is the parents’ emerging needs to secure special education to their children who suffer from the lack of educational achievements and suffer from learning difficulties. The parents, or persons in charge of the children nurturing, would seek help from outside the schools and request private classes. The problem is much expanded and hurtful within refugees who are forcibly displaced and disconnected from the education system. The current barriers in relation to learning a new language and adapting to a new curriculum are very challenging within refugees. The second problem is related to the service providers, the university students /graduates who provide teaching classes. The service provider suffers from the lack of suitable jobs during university studying that can secure good income to cover their expenses and flexible to fit with their university schedule. 

Hessa is offering unique educational services using customized software for school students who suffer from learning difficulties and have not been able to achieve high academic marks and skills at schools. Hessa has another unique solution, as a consequence of providing the educational services, by securing decent incomes for the universities’ students/unemployed graduates. The education service providers are selected and trained to be qualified educational service providers building on the power of peer to peer learning techniques between young generations while operating the service using a sophisticated customized software system that enables the best quality of operation to connect the service providers, service receivers and Hessa administration and ensure effective use of time and cost mutually for service providers and receivers. 

Hessa aims at bringing technology services into the market to improve and support education in the MENA region, launched in 2019 in Palestine. Under the brand “Hessa”, P2P delivers the service through the web and app platforms to connect the best and qualified universities’ students/instructors with the schools’ students from all grades in all subjects (English, Arabic, Math, Physics, speech therapy, etc) while a systematic schedule is designed to provide flexible working hours that in favor of service providers and receivers as a home delivery service and peer to peer connection.



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