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The solution we offer is high-tech and unifying several areas.It is a comprehensive service for farmers that includes rapid plant analysis and the ability to deliver a specialized nano product configured to treat the specific problem.This will allow farmers to save crops and provide better yields.The goal we set is to be able to build a network of farmers, producers of agricultural machines and consumables and consumers through the services we will offer.This network will be global and will lead to a drastic reduction in world hunger and the more support it receives and the more people participate in it,the sooner the world will come to the point where world hunger will disappear.The farmers make pictures of their plants by a smartphone or otherwise and send them for analysis.By using numerical algorithms, the required signal is extracted from the photograph and then analysed through our trained Artificial Intelligence.Our analyzes are significantly faster, more accurate and less costly than existing ones, and provide information on whether plants need irrigation and how much; if they are infected with a pathogen
what is the pathogen; whether they lack minerals and what minerals; whether they suffer from toxicity and what toxins are, etc.Once we have done the analysis, within just a few hours, we will provide the customer with the information and the best solution for his particular problem.Our analyzes are based on the fluorescence of chlorophyll a, which is emitted by plants during the light phase of photosynthesis.The fluorescence signals have been shown to be rich in information on the physiological state of the plant.By mathematical analysis and applying a specially trained AI to these signals, we can obtain information about the health status of the plant and give us a very accurate diagnosis of what is happening in it and what it needs.We foresee the opportunity to provide the customer with a nano biofertilizer designed precisely to solve its problem, which is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.Unlike fertilizers,pesticides,insecticides,fungicides currently in use,nano biofertilizers,nanopesticides and others they have a great advantage,because they are much easier to digest from plants, they are absorbed over a long period of time,which prevents accumulation of unused minerals in the soil and transforming them into compounds that can not be absorbed by the plants.Also,nano biofertilizers can be used in a precisely metered amount for the needs of the plant.Nano biofertilizers are fully absorbed by plants and do not cause environmental pollution, soil depletion and poisoning.On the other hand, the production of nano biofertilizers is much more energy-efficient than the production of conventional fertilizers,and this drastically reduces their environmental impact.One of the methods for fast and inexpensive production of nano biofertilizers is using a 3D printer.This allows the rapid production of fertilizer that is needed to solve the problem.In conventional fertilizers, this is not possible.A network will be established between farmers and our company which will encourage farmers to use the biodegradable and ecological nano biofertilizer that will improve their soil condition, increase their production without polluting or burdening soils and plants with redundant substances or toxins and will have a positive environmental effect.We will also look for other nano biofertilizers manufacturers to be included in this network.Once sufficient number of producers of nano biofertilizers and farmers have been brought together, the cryptocurrency that will circulates in this network will be put into use.The cryptocurrency will provide higher profit for farmers and for nano biofertilizer manufacturers,and higher security in the trade between them.The cryptocurrency will be generated by farmers and will be related to the analyzes they make on their crops.The more analyzes they make and send the data to us,the more cryptocurrency they will generate,which will also stimulate a regular study of the state of the environment and possible preventive action if needed.Once generated, the cryptocurrency will begin to be exchanged on the network, which will include, besides farmers,nano biofertilizer producers and our company,as well as farmers' end customers
people looking for their products, businesses, countries.Anyone will be able to access the network,but will have to buy their cryptocurrency from us or from the market or generate it.Also,everyone can exchange their currencies through us or through the market.This will ensure,on the one hand, the promotion of environmentally friendly farming with a high production yield,due both to the rapid and qualitative analysis to be made and to the nano biofertlizers to be used.On the other hand, farmers have another profit option-by generating cryptocurrency,which can be used to buy both nano biofertilizer and sell the cryptocurrency on the market.In order to protect the markets from speculation, restrictions will be introduced in the forex market.The idea of these currencies will be to stimulate the development of organic farming through the use of nano biofertilizers and biofertilizers,as well as constant analyzes of the state of the plants and the environment.The use of the cryptocurrency and the existence of a network of farmers, suppliers and producers of agricultural equipment and consumables needed by farmers as well as consumers of agricultural produce will allow much faster,cheaper,more secure and better trade between these three pillars of the our grid.Into the network will create an internal market or markets where manufacturers, suppliers and consumers will be able to trade with each other.Through this network,the crop producers will have a direct connection to consumers and will avoid buyers and distributors,which will lead to higher profits for both producers and consumers.Greater profits for the farmers in the network will allow them to improve yields of their crops, and use more environmental practices to grow them.It will be much easier for consumers to buy the goods directly from the producers at a lower price.This whole network will lead to a significant increase in the quality of agricultural production without increasing a price.



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