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More than 2 billion tons of solid waste is generated globally per year of which more than 70% is fermentable, which when let open leads to discharge of leachate and becomes malodourous emitting green house gases (GHG) causing significant rise in global warming. The treatment and disposal of this fraction is a herculean task even at household level, to larger scale in urban local bodies due to lack of affordable and viable solutions.Also the technologies available today addressing this issue is energy, CAPEX and OPEX intensive. We at Bioen have developed a ground breaking biomethanation technology which converts partially segregated MSW to biogas and 10 other value added products (VAP, mushroom, fiber, pest repellent, rooting medium etc.).This revolutionary technology has the potential to address the issues of both waste management and energy crisis.Bioen’s biomethanation technology is highly scalable from 5kg to any number of tones per day (TPD) feeding capacities with minimal human interference. In this technology the waste is fed without pulverization or processing and therefore requires no input energy and water. Even though complex science is used to develop this technology, it is user friendly with a ‘fill it, shut it and forget it’ concept. Based on the size of the unit the gas produced can be used to replace cooking fuel, or converted to electricity and in case of large-scale plants the gas can be purified and bottled to get CNG and carbon dioxide.Bioen has 5 installations in Maldives and India and include household reactors build to take in 2-5kg waste/day to meet cooking gas requirements and large scale plants(250kg waste/day), where farm waste is fed to generate electricity for irrigation and other domestic purposes. The installations in Maldives (500kg and 1.5TPD) not only produce biogas and fertilizer but have also stopped 2TPD Ocean dumping, preserving pristine marine life and contributing substantially in reducing global warming.For rural India, these reactors have been improved to empower livelihoods of rural women and farmers by recovering VAP’s along with biogas such as mushroom and fiber ensuring both energy and financial security to the under privileged.



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