Historical Triangle Platform Project

About Solution

The modern way of poverty eradication in Afghanistan in the 21st century through the implementation ofthe HistoricalTriangle Platform Project:

  • PayPol.afwhich is a Hosted Wallet (an online payment system) that provides financial services and empowers small businesses to grow.
  • ADM.afwhich is an intelligent Digital Marketing Platform that empowers women and men, countrywide by providing them the digital marketing learning facilities and helping them to actualize their dreams by working online, earning money to establish a sustainable financial life, getting aligned with the growth of world most advanced technology.
  • WEEP.onlinewhich stands for Women Entrepreneurship Empowerment Platform is a revolutionary project that will create jobs for hundreds of thousands of women throughout the country. Since Afghanistan is a man dominated country, women have little freedom to work outside of their homes, to express their inner potential and to be financially independent to fulfill their deepest desires, therefore, WEEP gave birth with the intention of reaching its hand toward those young girls and women, as well as youth generation and helping them to work through WEEP which will create a wide digital marketing network, allowing them to build their own shops on the given space on WEEP, connecting girls and women to each other inside and outside of the country, and building the women community that they can exchange their knowledge, experiences in order to improve their financial, educational and social lives.

The Mechanism of work the Triangle Platform Project:

  • Creating jobs and monetization opportunities for both urban and rural areas in Afghanistan.
  • Educational opportunities: We created groups of trainers in every province that they travel through villages and held classes to teach the Digital Marketing Program, helping them to create their own digital marketing agency onWEEPplatform, as well as learning new technology.
  • Social Connectivity within their communities and worldwide: Allow women to share their success stories and experiences with each other.
  • Building a strong financial infrastructure that could bring financial transparency, stability and help small businesses to grow.

Implementation and Execution:

It is a huge work, but our teams will invest their passion, energy, tear, and sweat to actualize the project. Because we'd experienced the pain of poverty and we know how to remove it from the country.

Business Model:

Each marketer works commission-based. After the sale, they get their commission right in their PayPol account.



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