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In 2019, startups are making significant changes to global industries. Startups across the globe are creating blockchain based medical systems that can track a patient's chronic conditions, movies can be instantly downloaded in seconds and your house can automatically adjust the temperature to your personal taste, all through the power of the Internet of Things!

According to Wired
" In the broadest sense, the term IoT encompasses everything connected to the internet, but it is increasingly being used to define objects that "talk" to each other. "Simply, the Internet of Things is made up of devices – from simple sensors to smartphones and wearables – connected together. "

The Internet of Things industry is rapidly moving towards transforming our daily lives by integrating with a myriad of daily use products and services. The Internet of Things has been one of the fastest developing technology trends in recent years. However, increasing security concerns make many potential adopters refrain from using IoT devices. 

" According to a recent study by Noura Aleisa and Karen Renaud at the University of Glasgow, "the Internet of things' potential for major privacy invasion is a concern" with much of research "disproportionally focused on the security concerns of IoT." " Many experts cite network-based vulnerabilities as the biggest issue fighting against widespread deployment of the Internet of Things in our daily lives. Many vulnerabilities hamper the development of widespread IoT use in the World.

 Our system utilizes patent-pending technology based on the newly pioneered "missed call" communication method, which allows secure communication through existing telecommunication lines
without using SMS or an active internet connection. It communicates information through morse code through authenticated numbers, making it virtually unhackable.  This makes it prime for use in IoT deployments, who suffer from insecure network connections, where attackers can perform 'device spoofing' and 'DDoS' attacks on unsecured devices. 

The solution consists of two parts
a hub and client devices. The hub processes and sends signals to the client devices, and receives data based on the purpose of the IoT device. Due to the nature of the system, however, the hub can be miles
even a continent away, once the client devices can receive a GSM signal.

Many urban and rural areas have a cell connection, giving the system a high degree of robustness. At present, it can receive a signal anywhere on the globe. Allowing a user to trigger or receive information from an applied client device. Applications include remote device monitoring in rural areas, tracking important medical deliveries, to even locking your door from halfway across the globe!

Our goal is not to create a direct solution to pressing Global problems but create a gateway for possible solutions solved through the Internet of Things. By creating a viable low bandwidth, highly secure, low-cost information transmission system for other makers to license and utilize, we aim to do our part in accelerating the development of a world augmented by the Internet of Things. 



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