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Horizon's mission is to introduce innovation into the educational system by creating Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality educative solutions.

Horizon tries to solve some of the biggest problems in education nowadays: Students Lack of Interest and Motivation, Misuse of mobile devices and teaching topics that are difficult to grasp.

Virtual and Augmented Reality are two futuristic technologies that can deliver educative interactions and experiences to students in a way that was not possible before. Those Technologies can increase knowledge retention, Motivation and interest to study, problem-solving skills and creativity of children and immerse them and unleash their thoughts in a way that the traditional learning methods could never do. Implementing those technologies in the educational market can have huge effects on the student's grades and soft-skills, in addition to the benefits from using mobile devices in a meaningful way Our innovation lies in the implementation of those two technologies in an easy to use yet affordable way for the MENA market.



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