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Hustle Hub is an online advertising platform that facilitates speedy and efficient buying and selling of various goods and services amongst various types of traders. Whether one wants to buy/sell a new or used item, advertise/search for a service, property, or job, Hustle Hub will be the place to go. The platform is aimed at vastly improving upon the current digital and conventional advertising methods being used (social media, newspapers, street posters/flyers, billboards, word of mouth, etc.). Although these other methods of advertising exist, they do not suffice for our progressing society. A shift to an efficient digital medium is inevitable. Hustle Hub will be a classified site that will work via mobile phone or desktop, connecting buyers and sellers across the country. While there exist online markets (e.g. e-bay), there is no such platform that specifically caters to the Zambian population. It is important to create services tailored to our local needs and capabilities. This venture will create a business platform, specifically targeted for the local Zambian market. It will be a new and incredibly accessible and affordable way for anyone with access to the internet to trade profitably.



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