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With strong clusters in Southeast Asia and South America, shrimp aquaculture has been known for unsustainable farming practices due to a lack of knowledge and technology despite harvests worth more than 20 bn Euro per year. Shrimp farms suffer from substantial animal losses while having high production costs and inefficiencies, especially in regards to massive energy consumption and waste of protein-rich feed, due to a lack of operational transparency.

At the same time, institutions like the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations "recognizes the fast-growing contribution aquaculture is making to food security" as an important pillar for feeding the increasing world population.

To bring digitalization and automation into this analog industry, HydroNeo has developed a comprehensive IoT-based system for smart aquaculture management. Our solution integrates into existing infrastructure and constantly monitors water quality and automates farm operations.

This technology enables farmers to decrease their variable costs substantially while at the same time reducing the risk of animal loss and their environmental footprint. The results is more sustainable and also more profitable farm operations.

HydroNeo’s vision is to become the trusted partner of the aquaculture industry by providing tailor-made technology to create value for customers and the environment.



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