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The Kenya population isestimated at 47 million people today, and is projected to be 70 million in the next 20years,out of this population 10 million people live in cities and towns, to feed this population now and in future, we need to grow food closer to where it will be consumed in an efficient and sustainable way.Enviroplan –Kenya and its partners have designed and build aqua phonic system that has proven to be very effective in the various climates zones within the tropics. The aqua phonic system design use locally available materials and it is very simple to build and implement it is easy to maintain and sustainable for the average urban homes in Kenya and elsewhere. The system uses readily available local barrels used in food production and tanks for “grow beds” and the fish tank (details design and info graphics is attached elsewhere with this proposal)local committees will be formed (priority will be given to women) from the project locations that will oversee the aqua phonic system, this is aimed to develop project ownership and sustainability .We will purchase locally available materials (drum/barrels, grow beds, solar water pumps and panels) we will build the aqua phonics system on site, make sure it works with trials tests, we will organize the aqua phonic distribution ceremony with the beneficiaries.We shall establish partnership with the Kenya fisheries department to form committees that monitor and evaluate the project; we make sure that the local urban community invests some money into the project.The direct beneficiaries of the aqua phonic project in the first phase (years) are estimated at about 6000 poor slum dwellers in Eldoret town .Our field teams will train beneficiariesand provide them with maintenance manuals.our coordinator will visit the beneficiary to evaluate the progress of the aqua phonic system ,she/he will also take stock of the fish check on the plant to ensure they are growing well and how the project is providing nutrition to the family, each project we complete ,we document the work with GPS location data, a field report and photo are also compiled for review and after handover to the beneficiery,no child will cry to her mum that they are hungry or no mum will be unable to feed her children” The aqua phonic food system, is a sustainable solution to food security for the urban communities.



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