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Polythene plastic bags and packaging are the source of climate change impacts in my community, and elsewhere in Africa. Researches show that a plastic bags can last between 1 and 4 centuries. Hundreds of years causing harms in people's lives. They are scattered everywhere in gutters, causing floods during torrential rains as they stack in there blocking water evacuations. Or else, they are carried away along with water and get thrown in seas and oceans as the ultimate destination and the outcomes are always devastating. In addition to that, plastic papers are a big danger to livestock as they prevent domestic animals, always hearing a case of a domestic animal that was killed by plastic papers observed in green pastures. In brief, consequences of plastic bags are countless and avoiding them could provide sustainable solution.

In ICBio, we are manufacturing biodegradable packaging and bags to replace those made out of plastic sheets. We manufacture them using paper krafts that may degrade when wet. Starting 2016 officially, we have so far replaced the use of more than 2 million plastic bags, enabling 8% of household in Burundi avoid plastic bags, and giving jobs to 20 people, as you can read it on our website :https://www.apbeeburundi.com/

We are conscious that plastics is a pressing issue not just in our country, but also in many more African countries, that is the reason our long term goal is to go global so that we may reach out to more countries in Africa that are similarly affected by the use of plastic bags.



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