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Protecting water sources in the rural areas, combating climate change;

Iceberg Premium Health Beverages is an already operating water bottling start-up which protects the springs that are the source of water consumed in Lesotho and South Africa, by constructing water bottling plants in rural areas we are actually protecting the water that is meant to be consumed by the people. Lesotho's rural areas are in the mountainous regions and this are the places where sources of springs can be found, Lesotho largest dam; Katse Dam which supplies Lesotho, the whole of Johannesburg city in South Africa with water and will be as per the new treaty supplying Botswana. Due to lack of water transfer infrastructure in Lesotho and abundance of open water sources  which requires lots of infrastructure that the national budget doesn't manage to cover, infrastructure also takes longer time to reach rural communities and the quality that reaches is often compromised, water in Lesotho is largely unsecured and exposed to air and water borne diseases making it therefore unsafe for communities to consume.  

Water purification, healthy and safe water for rural communities 

Iceberg also purifies such water to make it safe for consumption of communities. Unlike water purified by chemicals, we use only natural filtration to make water edible by communities, thus avoiding usage of chemicals that could have the possibility of contributing to cancer and kidney diseases as our study into water purification chemicals indicated their contribution to cancer and kidney diseases. Iceberg intends from where it is currently, that is in the future; to provide to the rural communities that walk long distances to access safe water from far from the water source, install tankers in villages and schools.

Sustainable employment for rural communities and youth in the rural communities 

Iceberg Premium Health Beverages aims to continuously increasing its labour force as the business grows further. Unemployment in Lesotho is a major concern for human development, Youth unemployment rate is the most acute standing at 34.4% out of a Youth population making 40% of 2 million overall population. Youth unemployment is more prevalent in the rural areas versus urban areas. the Iceberg business since it is a business of volumes and needs so much labour has a potential of generating at least 200 jobs between 2018 and 2022.



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