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The oil palm processing industry is a sustainable development goal industry that thrives in the african continent and in some parts of asia.

Palm oil kernal seed & its raw materials is gotten from palm trees and is the palm kernal is processed into palm oil considered to be one of the most healthy and vitamin package oil.

Mine core solutions with palm kernal seed and its raw materials will be directly in medicine( such as antioxadant, world most known anti-posion), nutrition(serve as pure cooking oil, vitamin B from pure natural palm wine), construction(palm timbers planks, palm kernal hard fibre tiles, serve as concrete mix materials), unemployment(creation of jobs, skill and unskill) climate change(palm trees plantation will contribute to less negative impact of the world climate change, having large coverage of green areas, help to reduce desforestation) energy( processed palm kernal oil extract chifs is used for cooking for many decade now, it also be used to generate heat energy used gold smith factory, steel companies) agro-allied industry( palm trees raw materials are used for soap making, vaslin, creams, arts work, room decorations, interior finishings, cleaning brooms,baskets,) social economic sectors( increasing the economy GDP of the host country, trade exchanges between internations) livestock feeds( palm kernal seed pkcis highly nutritious in animals feeds, poultry,pigs rearing)

These are just the core areas mine solution addressing the challenges.




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