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Every where we are in problem on all fronts.

Respecting the rule of law, building strong institutions, robust democracy, respect for human rights, good governance With greater accountability, transparency ,neutrality and responsibility, gender equality, civil protection and justice could address this issue once and for all because they tackle these problems from  their inner circle.

On the contrary, we have seen since the 1980's and 90's when we started advocating strongly for these principles that Violence and injustices are simultaneously on the rise and today , these crisis are in their full force  and we are no longer looking for ways to stop these crisis but to ensure that those affected by the crisis live in good conditions wherever they are.

 Globally, the lack of a universally recognised system to manage the influx  of refugees,Asylum seekers,IDP's is exacerbating the problem. People are either banned or  they   face fences of barbed wire  stiff legal resistance. Around 55,000 people are stranded in Greece and Mexico under terrible inhumane conditions.

To ensure that this rapidly increasing number of  people are empowered with services such as legal protection , water,sanitation and hygiene ,healthcare and education;

 Our team (Globe watch) has come up with a   strategic move of establishing a permanent  humanitarian Mega - settlement called "The International  Habitat for Refugees, Asylum seekers and Internally Displaced persons "(IHRAID) in Cameroon.

  This center shall function under the protection of the united nations agencies and the international law. This center shall work in synergy with all None governmental organizations and shall function as an accommodation center, an educational center for Refugees, Asylum seekers and Internally Displaced persons.The   target is 10.000 (Refugees, Asylum seekers and IDP's)  by 2030

It sustainability will be guaranteed as Adults are  entitled to $1 monthly stipends with the exception of students and persons with disabilities.

- We urgently urge the united nations to promote such initiatives in other countries worldwide

-The united nations shall ensure the international protection of persons in this settlement and shall ensure that none of the belligerent groups penetrate this vicinity

-In Full collaboration with the united nations agencies,the center shall produce legally binding documents to Refugees, Asylum seekers and Internally Displaced persons. 

-This initiative cuts across different edges and shall ensure:

Increase access to reliable and cost-effective legal support

Reduce health risks among displaced populations through expanded access to shelter, healthcare and improved water and sanitation infrastructure .

Reduce barriers to education and skills training for displaced youth.



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