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The iHub exists to catalyse the growth of the Kenyan tech community. It does this by connecting people, by supporting startups and by surfacing information. We are nurturing the best innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem; one that constantly challenges and influences technology; one that can be replicated across the continent, as we believe that African innovation will play a critical role in shaping future technology globally. Kids Hacker Camp is an initiative under the iHub that seeks to spur creativity, problem solving and improve communication skills amongst Nairobi youth. It was borne out of a need to have ICT-enhanced camps for kids and was started in 2013, The program seeks to stretch the innovative, empathetic and creative muscles of kids by employing what Forbes called ‘a unified framework of innovation’ and arming them with tools that will prepare them for the world. The kids aged 6-15 years are engaged in STEAM principles (Science, Technology, Engineering , Art and Maths) through project based activities exposing them to electronics, art and programming. Our STEAM Clubs are designed for K-12 schools. The curriculum seeks to see kids exposed to a blend of design thinking and technical skills. We aim to develop basic competencies in foundational computing and programming, as well as electronics prototyping using sensors and actuators. iHub has started running camps/classes through STEAM clubs in schools in Nairobi and a kids membership club with members throughout the year. The clubs used LittleBits Kits as the building blocks for the classes, however these are expensive to procure and therefore cannot cater for the needs of the rapidly rising number of children in the clubs. iHub is currently developing its own electronics board for use in the camps, through recycling of components from waste electrical and electronic equipment.



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