Improve water quality to avoid Immigration

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Water is a part of life and purity of that is important. In water some chemical material such as Nitrate removal is difficult and there are many companies have a problem with that. In addition, Some of contaminants in water can cause illness with that and this technology can be solved the mentioned problems.

The health of people is the main issue and we are trying to increase the water quality index. It is clear the environment and humans will exploit that, It will help to improve the quality of life and avoid to relocate to local people.  

This project is as expressed new technology for water purification by biodegradable particles that can be used in a design, the result of tests, showing us the water harmful material such as Nitrate, reduced after treatment with this system. While the mentioned Technology is cheap and it has good results in defined tasks.  

The product is a potable and portable system in the water field to contaminant control. The control of chemical material after treatment can be performed by a diverse system, including system that can remove them from the water. The plan has been designed for applying new compatible produces from natural materials that have the ability to remove harmful chemical material from the water. 

Our technology has innovative and advantages. some of them introduced below:

1. No contaminants transfer to the water

2. No need to daily repair

3. Decomposability of particles after their completion

4. Ease of preparation and use of particles

5. Cheaper technique



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