Improved Fish Production and Processing

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The world population is expected to reach 8.2 billion people by 2030, with 10% estimated to have been undernourished between 2011
13 and food supply could present a growing challenge in the next 2 decades.

Fish is a highly nutritious food and forms an important dietary components of people all around the world as it is a good source of protein and essential micronutrients which play an important role as source of therapeutic substances in preventing human diseases. However, the deficit between the demand and supply of fish in the world is huge due to its superior nutrient content, increase in human population, depletion of fish stock in the ocean and post-harvest losses, and these losses are caused by untimely and poor processing or preservative measures.

Aquaculture is the fastest grown food producing sector in the world (with the aim of supplementing the depleting fisheries resources). In developing countries, the poor fish processing methods and their products are usually unhealthy and harmful to the consumers, processors and the environment as they are bedeviled with several flaws. Fish smoking, one of the most practiced processing method puts pressure on forested habitats and this has resultant efforts such as global warming.

We aim to provide safe and quality fish products for a large proportion of people through value addition with the use of improved processing methods (smoking and solar drying) as well as packaging, offered at affordable prices and also to provide improved methods of processing which are healthy to fisher-folks (mainly fish processors) and the environment. The improved fish smoking process ensures that the products are exposed to less carbon (PAH) during processing.



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