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We are developing five hectars land in Palayan City, capital of Nueva Ecija, into a Botanical Park with focus on planting fruit trees. The spaces between the trees are good areas for cultivation of vegetables, herbs and root crops. There is increasing need for such food items with increased value especially during rainy season. We intend to include the community in the development of the project for their active participation in planting and growing more plants, teach them recycling of all kitchen wastes into organic fertilizers and be knowledgeable on nutritional values of food. The different root crops we shall plant would make very good ingredients in many baked products to produce more nutritious and appetizing food items. We shall hold educational seminars and movie shows on Foods, Nutrition, simple food preparation, and relevant topics on Health and Hygiene. Eventually school children will be invited for educational tours and lectures on practical know how on gardening and growing kitchen plants and herbs.

The big challenge we face is scarcity of water supply in the area. We hope to put up a Mini Dam at the upper section of the land to store water for irrigation of our planned root crops of different yams, sweet potato, ube, cassava and peanuts. Aside from the mini dam we shall also identify good water sources on the low lying area where one or two deep wells could be built. Wind mills will also be useful in extracting water from deep wells. We are located on rolling land with wide low lying area near the Palayan River and the Botanical Park is expandable as needs arise. We hope this project will greatly influence and improve health wise the lifestyle and eating habits of city dwellers as well as the whole province of Nueva Ecija.

Our Project Team

We are twenty in all in the Team, men and women of different vocations and calling, but united in one aspiration of working together for progress of our province and country as a whole. We are composed of a Project Team Leader, assistant Leader, Land Development officer, Health specialists, School coordinators, Agriculturists, Technical consultants, Legal consultant, over-all Project coordinator and Advisers. We are hopeful that should we be selected our Project Team could successfully push through with all our plans to achieve our goal!

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